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Services We Offer

The team at Essential Counseling Services is fully committed to providing outstanding, quality care to EVERYONE in the communities we serve.  At Essential Counseling Services, we welcome all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or social class. Our mission is to help people achieve a better understanding of themselves in order to navigate a healthier and more rewarding life. 

Currently, Essential Counseling Services is offering both in-person (following COVID safety protocols) and telehealth/remote sessions. Contact us at for further information.


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Depression/ Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can make it feel impossible to do even the simplest things in life. You may find yourself calling out from work or staying in bed under the covers. You may isolate from friends and family. You might feel too fatigued and lethargic to do anything constructive. No matter how capable you might feel, it could seem like you can’t get a handle on your problems and your life is spinning out of control.


Some people try to act as if they are happy or not worried, but it often leaves them feeling even more anxious and depressed and may open the way to suicidal thoughts. Some people self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, but this may create problems in their relationships with the people closest to them. Some people read self-help books and search the Internet for solutions. This can start to feel overwhelming after a short time and the Internet resources may not be reliable.

We’ve helped many people take constructive steps towards attaining happiness. It might sound difficult, but we have found ways to make this process less stressful. You will learn skills that you can call on whenever you feel depressed. Contact us to begin taking back control of your life!

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Adjustments, Transitions, and Phase of Life Changes


Many times throughout life, we are faced with a very big (or small) change.  This can include but is not limited to: social support systems, career and work, physical health, personal identity, loss, and grief. People who are unaware of the potential impact these situations have on their mental health may find themselves struggling with symptoms similar to a depression or anxiety disorder. Sometimes others experience physical discomfort or pain.


The process of psychotherapy and mental health counseling can assist you in developing insight, interpersonal relationships, the setting of limits, practicing self-advocacy, and self-care. This can thoroughly help you in addressing and managing a variety of obstacles which take place in life. In addition, it helps with symptom relief and overall emotional satisfaction.

We, at ECS of NJ, have worked with many people over the years who experienced great difficulty when faced with an unprompted, unscheduled, or unannounced life transition. Contact us to safely explore your unique life situation; the obstacles, the hardships, the goals, and the accomplishments!

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Trauma and Emotional (Dysregulation)


Our sense of safety, comfort and routine can cease in an instant when having experienced or witnessed a traumatic event.  These situations can lead to many emotional and psychological problems which impact our quality of life on a daily basis. Feelings of anger, sadness, low self-esteem, and victim blaming can cloud our judgment and lead to negative decision making.  Our internal struggle to manage these events productively can inadvertently cause direct or indirect harm to ourselves and others.  Symptoms related to post traumatic stress disorder, acute stress, anxiety and depression can further complicate our ability to return to a desired routine.  Support is imperative to help navigate through this difficult time while an understanding of how our body responds to such events is crucial for physical and mental healing.

An established therapeutic relationship with your therapist at ECS of NJ will help you process, reflect and heal the emotional injury that has occurred.  Contact us to start rebuilding!

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Couples Counseling

Connection is an integral part of having healthy relationships with others. Short and long-term problems impacting the integrity of the relationship will surface when a misalignment occurs in the areas of communication, empathy, or intimacy. The couple may become more susceptible to external or internal stressors which can continue to veer their relationship "off course." Couples therapy assists in rebuilding and strengthening trust, open communication, and conflict resolution leading to a more intact and fulfilling relationship. Like individual counseling, couples therapy offers support and guidance to those regardless of marital status, age, race, ethnicity, religion/faith, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The roles, beliefs and value systems that we all have about relationships and/or marriage are safely navigated in this setting via mutual collaboration and partnership. Contact us to strengthen your relationships!

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